Vodium Debuts MediaTracker™ Video Search Engine Technology

NOTE: This press release was originally published on Vodium.com in 2005, and is provided for reference to web visitors.  Vodium.com is not affiliated with Vodium or Vodium MediaTracker.

Internet Multimedia Growth Creates Need for New Search Applications

Washington DC, February 7, 2005 – Recognizing the demand to provide quality solutions in the changing search technology industry, Vodium has announced the debut of MediaTracker™, its video search engine technology. Vodium’s technology leverages online communications– such as webcasting — enabling powerful video search functionality through popular search engines such as Google.

Cameron Clarke, President, CEO and Founder, Vodium, explained the new technology application.  “The massive deployment of broadband has increased the quantity of both video and audio files on the Internet. This increase in multimedia files demands video search solutions; today’s announcement reflects the constant evolution of internet technology and Vodium’s commitment to innovation,” he noted.

As a market leader of online communication solutions, Vodium has seen the impact video has on strategic communications, training, and conferences. Search represents the next stage for organizations committed to expanding their web-based communications.

Mr. Clarke explained the search issues facing today’s broadband user. “Today’s internet user requires efficient search technology. In the past, online users were not able to search for video, making it virtually “hidden” from access. Unless a user had knowledge of the online video content, it would not be uncovered with traditional search methods. With the Vodium MediaTracker™, users have access to the exact video content they seek.”

Clarke continued, “Based on our experience with clients such as Pfizer and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Vodium MediaTracker™ greatly enhances the value of the video content by indexing it through popular search engines.”

Unlike other video search capabilities, the Vodium MediaTracker™ provides pinpoint search accuracy, taking the user directly into the video. Vodium combines technology and human transcribers to ensure accurate and efficient search.

In a recent white paper written by analyst Steve Vonder Haar, Interactive Media Strategies, (IMS), Making Multimedia Useful: Identifying the Importance of Search in an Online World Embracing Audio and Video, he notes the need for Video Search Engines in web-based communications. “As the publication of multimedia-enriched content occurs more and more frequently, the need for search services and search tools to keep track of it all will grow as well….In order to be truly useful, the transcript must be employed to guide the individual users directly to specific passages of webcasts featuring the audio or video clip that addresses their search query,” says Vonder Haar.

Mr. Clarke has developed search software for over ten years and Vodium remains the only online communications company that features “search by word technology” in all its webcasts, providing users with a powerful tool. Search represents the next stage for companies utilizing the more compelling video medium for web-based communications; Vodium sees the potential with the organizations that are interested in using rich media to deliver their messages to broad and dispersed audiences, yet in a highly targeted fashion—whether they are customers, employees, or any online audience.