The Best Laptops for Video Conferencing in 2020

Video conferencing offers several benefits. For example, it’s cost-effective. Additionally, it reduces time spent on traveling. Through it, you’re also guaranteed optimal attendance. It’s also the best platform to use for structuring meetings and improving communication. What is more, productivity often improves massively within organizations that use it. However, none of these benefits would emerge without the appropriate video conferencing tools. Examples of such tools include webcams, computer monitors, external microphones, broadband connections, and laptops. Nevertheless, some laptops outperform others. For this reason, you need a bit of information to help you identify the best laptops for video conferencing. That’s what you will get from this article, which reviews the laptops worth buying!

1) LG Gram 13Z980-A.AAS7U1


Video conferencing can last several hours. For this reason, you need laptops that are capable of lasting extra long. In this regard, LG Gram 13Z980-A.AAS7U1 ranks quite favorably. Here, you can expect to use it on a single battery charge for not less than 18 hours. However, long battery life isn’t its only strength. You also have to consider its 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, which guarantees excellent performance levels. To take that performance to the next level, the laptop also comes with 8GB of RAM. With the help of Intel UHD Graphics 620, you’re also guaranteed just about enough resolutions needed for effective video conferencing. What you get from this laptop is a good mix of power and performance. Consequently, you can rely on it to provide the much-needed degree of professionalism required from such items.


Long battery life

Excellent colors and resolution

DTS Headphones with X support

Fingerprint reader

MicroSD reader

Full of features

Surprisingly low weight


Relies solely on proprietary and bulky AC adapter

Doesn’t have Gorilla Glass reinforcement

2) Acer Chromebook R11


The fact that you need the best video conferencing laptops doesn’t mean that you will always spend a ton of money on them. Acer Chromebook R11 is an example of a top laptop that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With a pixel camera providing HD 1280 x 720, you have a powerful laptop for taking part in video chats.
Furthermore, the fact that it only costs you $300 should be great news indeed. Additionally, you can flip the laptop 360 degrees for a different kind of display. On top of all that, Acer Chromebook R11 has a touch screen. If that’s not enough to impress you enough to buy the laptop, then the fact that it can last you seven hours on a single charge should change your mind. Interestingly, the laptop offers sufficiently fast connection to 5GHz wireless networks while achieving speeds of as high as 166Mbps.


Easy to flip 360 degrees

Battery lasts approximately seven hours, which is enough for most video conferences

Has a minimalist design

Highly convertible

Solid build quality

Comfortable keyboard

Touch screen is highly responsive


Track pad needs more work

HD-only screen

3) Acer Swift 3 SF314-54-56L8


You may be wondering why a Core i5 laptop would make it into this list. Well, for starters, it comes with 8GB of RAM in addition to 256GB SSD. Additionally, it looks stunning! More specifically, the manufacturers seem to have built it specifically for video conferencing. As proof of this, you will love its HD Camera that comes with Super HDR technology, thus guaranteeing all quality you need for conferencing videos. If that doesn’t impress you, then the Swift 3 feature that offers unmatched video clarity should excite you to the ends of the world! More remarkably, you also get an average of 13 hours on a single charge, thus offering you all the time needed to run a productive video call! Its fingerprint reader also ensures that you log in quickly and safely.


Powerful chassis


Stellar input devices

Low temperature thus doesn’t get too hot

Upgradeable RAM


Amazing battery life


SD performance needs a bit of improvement

WLAN performance is a bit of a shocker

Non-expandable memory

4) Dell-Inspiron 15.6”


If you prefer video conferencing on Windows, then you will find the affordability of Dell-Inspiron 15.6” quite appealing. With an HD panel screen measuring 15.6”, you are likely to enjoy watching your colleagues on the laptop. Although the performance might appear a bit average via the 4GB of RAM and AMD A6-9200 processor, the 500GB of storage should make up for those deficits. What other qualities make it ideal for video conferencing? For starters, you already have the large 15.6” screen. Added to that is the good battery life. The fact that it runs Windows 10 exceptionally well will also be great news to your ears. What is more, it also guarantees plenty of freedom of customization. The world of support for its application software that it comes with should also help you look forward to the conferencing sessions.


Highly configurable and customizable

Superb surface haptic

Price-performance ratio is quite good

Acceptable battery life

Manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months

Fan behaves quite consistently

Adjacent numeric keypad

HDMI port

Wonderful configuration

Affordably priced

Solid build quality


Battery life could do with some improvement

Missing video connections

Glossy plastic chassis

Lacks eSATA ports

5) HP Spectre X2 12-a008nr


In many cases, your video conferencing sessions may happen while participants are traveling. For this reason, you need a laptop that will not prove cumbersome to use while on the go. In this regard, HP Spectre X2 12-a008nr would be a perfect choice. Additionally, it works as either a laptop or tablet. The HD camera, with a resolution of 1080p, should prove highly effective at video conferencing. More impressively, it weighs a meager 2.7 pounds, thus not too weighty to carry on your travels. If you need to make presentations during the video conference, you would be able to do so courtesy of the laptop’s crisp 12-inch display. That display is also more than adequate for making software demos. Added to all that is the laptop’s 120GB SSD, which is quite impressive for machines in this price range!


Elegantly designed


Nice keypad

Support for LTE mobile broadband

Two USB TypeC ports

Impressive speakers

Solid detachable keyboard


Doesn’t come with a pen

Limited to USB 2.0 only

Weak battery life


Therefore, feel free to choose any of the best laptops for video conferencing reviewed here. The laptops will deliver awesome performances whenever you turn them on for video conferencing sessions. They deliver beautiful displays. Additionally, they also offer excellent battery life, which is a requirement in video chats. Video chats usually last several hours; hence, the need for long battery life. The laptops are also affordably priced, thus saving you from spending tons of money on them. Other than that, the videos listed here are renowned for their swift connections too. Furthermore, the cameras are also of the highest quality. Don’t forget the remarkably impressive microphones too. For this reason, you should be confident placing your order for any of these laptops.

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